Put the environment first with Enviro-Lope™.

We are committed to protecting the environment.

At Royal Envelope, we consider the environmental impact of our products and manufacturing processes, while continuing to provide quality merchandise that meets customer and consumer needs.

This is why our Enviro-Lopes™ are made from FSC® certified paper obtained from well-managed forests and recycled fibre.

Did you know Royal Envelope was the first company in Canada to meet the stringent criteria established by the Canadian Government’s Environmental Choice Program?

By addressing the environmental aspects of our products, we’re achieving our mission of conservation and efficient use of natural resources.

And we encourage you to do the same.

By ordering Enviro-Lope™ products made by Royal Envelope, you’re demonstrating your support for responsible forest management.

Enviro-Lope™ is now FSC® Certified

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and environmentally viable management of the world’s forest.